Hawthorne Ridge Botanicals

We are passionate about growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, along with our livestock and poultry and we invite you to explore this part of our website where we offer some details.

The original farm boasted an orchard planted in the 1920s and progeny from those trees have taken root in every fencerow on the property. Some still produce blemish-free fruit, but most are used to produce our own supply of sweet apple cider, which we press every fall.  Ontario law prevents us from selling the cider, but you can get a taste through some of our preserves!

Our generous garden is designed to produce vegetables for our own use throughout the year, and to provide custom-grown herbs and vegetables for local restaurants. When we have more than what we need, we offer extras at our roadside stand, but you will have to watch our facebook and instagram pages (@hawthorneridgebotanicals) for availability.

You have heard about the 100 mile diet? Well at Hawthorne Ridge, our ideal is the 100 ft diet – where dinner consists of a garden tour and harvest about 4pm every summer day, preparation of whatever is ready to be picked, along with something sizzling on the bbq. It just doesn’t get any better!

One of the veggies that we do produce and sell regularly is garlic. Ontario grown garlic is phenomenal, and if you are still relying on insipid, imported bulbs, you really must try fresh scapes (green shoots, ready in June) and bulbs, which are ready later in the summer, whether you buy from us, or at your local farmer’s market. Check out our recipes section for some ideas on how to use scapes.

At Hawthorne Ridge Botanicals, we grow fresh, seasonal, pesticide-free blooms to fill as many lives as possible with incredible beauty!

Susan is both an avid gardener and flower farmer. What’s the difference you ask? Well, a gardener carefully tends flower beds so that the flowers enhance a home and table and the process can be enjoyed from seed to vase. A flower farmer grows flowers for the enjoyment of others, often harvesting rows from the flower field and shipping before the blooms even open…

Flowers are available from the farm in a number of different ways.

Our flower bouquets by subscription are delivered directly to the subscriber (or the person who has been gifted with a subscription). Read more about subscriptions here, or go directly to the Store to shop.

Individual bouquets are also available for order as the season permits. If you have something special in mind, contact us directly to discuss.

At some times of the year, we make flowers available at our roadside stand (see directions in Contact Us).

We also grow edible flowers that pop up in restaurant salads and quiches all over Peterborough.

And, we work with event planners and brides to ensure every celebration looks its best. Our wedding work is carefully documented on our instagram page (@hawthorneridgebotanicals).

The flower business is growing rapidly, so stay tuned for the building of a greenhouse, which is planned for the summer of 2020.

Please check out our galleries of floral images: these are arranged to show you individual flower photos, some of our bouquet design work, and finally photos from some weddings we have completed. Photo galleries are shown here.

We don’t like to boast, but Susan does have some cred! She is a graduate of the University of Guelph (OAC) with a BScAgr in Horticulture (1981), has graduated from the now-popular Floret Flowers  Workshop (2019) and is an active member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Mostly she enjoys the collegial interactions with other local flower producers, especially a small group that collaborates to make purchases together. To see the most up-to-date floral news, follow us on instagram @hawthorneridgebotanicals.