Our Story

Mike and Susan share common values – family first, caring for the land and treating every aspect of our business thoughtfully and ethically.

Mike grew up in Southwestern Ontario in a small farming community where he learned to love cows and develop a deeply respectful relationship with the land. Just a few miles away, Susan grew up in an agricultural community focussed on bringing  farm products to the table.

After full careers off, but never too far from farms, Mike and Susan came together to launch Hawthorne Ridge Heritage Farm drawing together the best from our farming family traditions, our education and our passion for creating exceptional food. The farm has also been the central gathering place for our six grown children and their families; thinking of their futures guides the decisions we make today. 

Now, our goal is to produce the best quality products that we can, and to showcase the tremendous diversity that an integrated operation can offer. We proudly and confidently share our meat, vegetables, preserves and flowers with others who value local products and understand that a trusting relationship with your farmer is essential. We offer weekly deliveries throughout the Peterborough region and enjoy the chance to introduce our products and share porch side conversations with our customers.

We are blessed to be able to carry out our farming dream on an exceptional landscape that is home to many native species of wildlife and birds. Our commitment to land and water stewardship is our way of life.

For more on the ways in which we have worked to ensure the long-term environmental sustainability of the farm, please click here.  To see some photos, click here.

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